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Select a Video Service for Your Next Project

Directing You in Your Company Video

In-Studio; On Location

You will have your script or talking points reviewed; learn how to be grounded and relaxed before and during shooting; receive targeted coaching on specific sections of your script or your entire script during rehearsal; be directed on your presentation and delivery on-camera, etc.


Documentary-Style Interview

No Script; No Speaking to Camera

You will be interviewed in documentary style: You’ll look at me, not at the camera (I will be off camera). The videographer will record you speaking. This option is perfect for a corporate message to staff; a clip for the company sizzle reel; your About Me Story Video, etc.


Interviewing people is never easy, but you would never know it from witnessing Kathy do her magic. She is without a doubt, one of the best interviewers I have ever seen; focused, engaged, pulling fascinating stories from her subject’s reluctant memory, pouncing on interesting asides and always pushing the conversation in unexpected directions. Amazing to behold.

Ian French

Co-founder, Northern Lights Direct Response; IF The Poet

How to Interview on Camera

Podcast Training

Be an “Irreplaceable” Host:

The #1 reason many podcasts are so bad is that hosts don’t know how to interview. (They think they’re having a conversation.) The #2 reason is that most people don’t know how to interview on camera. You’ll learn both, resulting in a podcast that builds, rather than harms, your brand.

Be a “Must Book” Guest:

Your job is to be a captivating interviewee with great stories, camera presence, the ability to listen, and to think on your feet. You’re also there to create entertaining banter with your host so viewers stay engaged. Learn how to be a guest who increases podcast views and is in demand!


Very impressed! I want to congratulate you. Your presentation timing was excellent. The content was easily digestible. You customized every point to the audience and demonstrated by example beautifully. What a pro! I would recommend this presentation to any business teams committed to showing up powerfully on video. Well done. And thank you.

Laural Carr

Award-winning Marketer, Impagination Inc.


How to Be More Comfortable Speaking on Camera

Empower your team on video so they can represent your brand with confidence and clarity; engage in a warm and genuine way with clients and potential clients; and create and deliver content that builds trust and long-term relationships.


Need something else to help you create your videos?

I’m always developing new services. One of them might be just what you’re looking for.


Teaching business leaders and entrepreneurs how to create an irresistible brand presence in words and on video.

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