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How Not to Forget Your Lines on Video

Don’t want to forget your lines on video? Then don’t have any lines to forget. Seriously. If you’re thinking of video from the perspective of forgetting lines, from going blank and not knowing what to say, you’re coming at it backwards. Maybe all the way back to...


What to Say When You’re Alone on Video

“I’m ok on video if someone's asking me questions, but if I’m there by myself I don’t know what to say!” Someone told me this recently after I’d complimented her on her video performance. You may have felt it too. It’s common to business owners who don’t have a lot...

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Video’s Bullshit Detector Brings Humanity to Business

Video exposes you like blinding Klieg lights on a movie set, revealing everything from ordinary nervousness, to insincerity, to manipulating your viewer into buying your product through the words you say: Only three left! They’re all gone at midnight!   Of course,...


The ROI of Being Yourself on Video

Video isn’t about perfection, it’s about human connection. And yet, the desire to appear perfect—not to show any flaws or vulnerability—is still one of the biggest self-imposed impediments to getting on video that I see with business professionals. It’s...


What Is Your Brand Presence?

Imagine one of your very best friends. Someone you know really well. Got a picture of them in your mind? Think about what it’s like to hang out with them. When they show up, how does the atmosphere change? What does it feel like to have them there? What kind of a...


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