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Kathy took the time to delve deeply to ensure that she grasped who I was and what I spoke about. She made it easy for me to spill my thoughts. Essentially, she “got” me, and it was fun working with her to create the messaging I wanted. I looked forward to each and every call as we made great progress. Kathy did exactly what I contracted her to do and I am completely satisfied and would recommend her to anyone looking for help with their messaging.

Merri Macartney

Speaker and Inspirational Humorist

REVEALED: Your Irresistible Brand Presence and Message

(Signature Program: 8-weeks; 4-modules plus 1 Bonus module)

For entrepreneurs who need to identify what makes them unique in the marketplace; and their own words, voice, and message to express it so that they attract more of the right clients.

This robust, foundational program drills deep to help you discover the 4 elements of your Brand Presence: your Brand Story, Distinction, Voice, and Message. Like your fingerprint, they are uniquely yours and irreplaceable. Content rooted in these four elements will give you a strong Brand Presence and attract your True Clients (the ones who resonate with it).

In this in-depth, 5-module Signature Program you will:

1. Uncover your Brand Story

This isn’t the “comfortable” story you may have been telling on your website About Page. It’s the deeper one that birthed who you really are; and it’s the source of your Brand Distinction, Message, and Voice; and your True Client.

2. Drill down to who you really are — your Brand Distinction

It’s essential that you find, and own, what makes you distinct. You must take a stand for who you are. Not everyone will like you and that’s just fine. When your distinction burns bright and clear, you’ll attract more of the clients you want to reach.

3. Find your Brand Voice and your own words to express it

Your voice is your business, is your brand, is you. It’s one and the same—a huge advantage. But many entrepreneurs don’t know what their voice is or how to express it. This module reveals it so you will be heard.

4. Reconnect with your Brand Message and what you’re here to do

You have two messages—your Values Message, and your Irresistible Unscripted Message. We’ll uncover both, and in the process, turn the traditional elevator pitch on its head. You’ll be able to speak your message confidently, with natural warmth and enthusiasm, rather than memorizing and reciting a script.

5. Discover your True Client (BONUS Module)

Once you’re clear on your brand story, distinction, voice, and message, it’s easier to identify who you’re really speaking to—your True Client. Kind of like your true love, only you get to have more than one.

You’ll walk away knowing what makes you stand out from your competition, and ready to express your message in your own voice and words to the clients who are a fit.

NOTE: This is an 8-week online, self-study program. The modules may also be taken individually. You can supplement the modules with 1:1 coaching.


Enquire here about options and program availability.

7 Steps to a Website About Page That Gets You Gigs 

(4-hour writing workshop)

For entrepreneurs and business owners who know that telling their story in a transparent and deliberate way is an essential step to building lasting relationships with the clients they want.

Your About Page is where potential clients come to meet you and find out if you’re a fit. So, you need to talk to them there the way you would in person. And, share your story so that it grabs their attention and intrigues them enough to realize that you may be just the one they need.

In this 4-hour interactive writing workshop, you will learn:

  • how to how to grab your reader’s attention right away
  • what aspects of your story to include in your bio?
  • how to write in a compelling, genuine, and client-attracting way
  • How to motivate your reader to action

You’ll walk away with a draft of your about page that you can polish using the detailed handouts included. (Depending how fast a writer you are, you may even create a final version!)

The workshop includes media-inspired improv and interview activities to help draw out your story and give it form; and a variety of handouts.


Contact me for information on the next available session.

“Blogging for Business: The Fun and Easy Way!”

(Full-day, interactive workshop)

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to share their message and expertise in a blog that generates leads, builds their authority, and helps them stand out from the crowd.

Video is catnip to nearly everyone, but sometimes a potential client would rather scan a meaty and intriguing blog post, grabbing the nugget that will help them achieve their goals (and that could change their perception of you and your services or products).

This lively, interactive workshop will show you how to create the kind of unique and well-written posts that can get you traction on LinkedIn, Medium, and other platforms.

In this full-day, interactive workshop you will learn:

  • How to find your writer’s voice
  • Fun, easy ways to come up with story ideas
  • How to create clickable headlines
  • How to craft the most popular kinds of posts quickly and easily
  • 2 Secrets to writing content your clients can’t resist

Includes: detailed templates and examples; and insider writing tips from a former journalist and website copywriter.


Contact me for the next scheduled workshop.

Private Coaching

(one-on-one sessions)

What’s your unique story? Need help creating a memorable brand presence that lets you stand out from the crowd and attract only the clients who are a match? Unclear about your message? Not sure who your true client is?

Private coaching lets us go deep so that you get more clarity on the essentials of your business from what makes you distinct (your competitive advantage), to what you really want to do, and for whom. Coaching will also help you build a consistent and memorable voice and message anywhere your clients may find you. That way, your business will be aligned with your talents, goals, and values; and you’ll love building it.

*Coaching packages are tailored to your needs and can be used on their own, or to supplement any of the other programs/workshops.

Want a business that serves you, not just your clients? Contact me for details.

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