Previous Events

Kathy Barthel coaching Edward Slimane during the webinar, “How to Use Video to Increase Sales, Captivate Clients, and Communicate More Effectively” in-studio at Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.


Kathy Barthel interviewing productivity catalyst Clare Kumar in-studio for the corporate-focused webinar, “Work Smarter, Not Harder in 2020,” at Resolve Collaboration Services Corp., Toronto.

Kathy Barthel teaching the workshop, “How to Use Video to Increase Sales and Captivate Clients (and have fun doing it!)” at Canadian Meetings and Events Expo (CMEE), Toronto.


Kathy Barthel emceeing the “Beauty and Style Expo” at the Toronto Design Exchange.

Kathy Barthel moderating the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Toronto Chapter panel on the art of negotation.

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