Milk, bread and eggs. Easy to remember, right? If you’ve got a grocery list and you just have milk bread and eggs on it, you’re going to remember. But if you add toilet paper and lightbulbs and cookies and whatever else, you’ve got to write it down. It’s a similar principle when you’re doing a two-minute video where you’re giving a tip.

Pare it down to one. This can be hard for business owners because we have so much information to share. We know so many sides of a given issue and we could talk about that one tip for hours, giving all kinds of sides and nuances to it! But before you sit down to do the video about that one tip, brainstorm and peel back its layers. See how many subcategories, other tips, and supporting information you can spin out from that one idea.

Probably the majority of those ideas can stand as separate videos (Yay! You’ve got more content!), but we often give too much information in one tip and then we start spiraling. And, just like the grocery list when it balloons up to more than three things, suddenly you’re talking about many different things in your video (which in your mind are interrelated, they all have their importance, they all connect in a logical way). But in your enthusiasm, it all tumbles out, and your audience is overwhelmed. They can’t absorb it.

So, get out of your own head, focus on your audience, and brainstorm before you sit down in front of the camera to make sure you’re really talking about one sliver of a tip. Deliver that and your brilliance will land and be remembered.