You know how it is when you’re not that comfortable on video, or even if you are, and you’ve just come from some other activity (maybe the dog did something, and you had to clean it up)?

You’re just not relaxed but you have to start your video. So, you give this forced, ‘HI THERE!” and you scare everybody because you’re all eyeballs. You also have a tight, unnatural smile that is not welcoming to anyone.

First, you need to calm yourself down beforeyou do your video, but you also want to be smiling and relaxed—with a smile that goes all the way up to your eyes—before you say hi to viewers.

Here’s the trick:

Get thinking about something that makes you smile, something or someone that makes you laugh, and think about that for a few minutes.  Focus on it.

Then, continue to smile while looking at the camera, and in your mind count down from five by saying, “Five Mississippi, four Mississippi, three Mississippi, two Mississippi, one Mississippi.”

Then take a breath, exhale, and welcome your viewers, “Hi there, how are you doing?”

Practice this a few times and you’ll feel and see the difference.

To review:

1) Relax yourself—dance, sing. Do whatever you like to get back in your body and feel more comfortable.

2) Think of something fun, something that makes you genuinely smile, and smile at the camera.

3) While smiling at the camera, count down – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

4) Take a breath, exhale, and welcome viewers with that genuine smile that reaches your eyes.

It’ll be much more engaging. People will be with you right away because you’re relaxed and you have a genuine smile on your face.

Biggest tip: If you look like you’re happy to be there, they’ll be happy to join you.