If you’re nervous about being on camera use props! They’re going take the attention off you so you’re not going to feel as nervous, and they’re going help you create content your competition can’t duplicate.

You could start your video like this (while holding up a bottle of nail polish): “Doing a video and being really genuine on camera is kind of like painting your nails. You have this fabulous color and you put it on your nails but at some point, it’s gonna fade away, and if your nails aren’t in good shape that’s gonna be revealed. Same thing with video; if you do a video and you throw in all the bells and whistles and all the production value but you’re not being genuinely yourself on camera it’s gonna show through. People are gonna notice.”

Or (while holding up an ornate ring), “Doing video is like this ring. You look at it and you can see that beautiful blue—it looks like it’s just perfect, like it just showed up like that—but if you look below that you see all this beautiful work; all this ornate, curlicue stuff happening under there. Same as doing video; your video may end up looking fabulous (hopefully it will, as though you put no effort into it at all) but underneath is the prep work that’s gonna give you a finished product that looks like you just rolled out a bed and in front of the camera. I’m gonna show you how to do that.”

See? The ring, the nail-polish, doesn’t matter, but if you’re a little bit nervous about doing a video this is a great way in because using a prop is going to take the focus off you. Even in your mind’s eye you’ll be visualizing viewers looking at that prop, not at you. It’s going to create a unique opening, and it’s going to provide unique content that nobody can duplicate. So, you may be talking about a point that somebody else has a video out there on (some competitor of yours) but yours is going to be unique, it’s going to have personality. Nobody would have thought to do what you’re going to do, so try props and have some fun with video! I’d love to see what you come up with.