If you’re not repelling someone, you’re doin’ it wrong. Seriously.

You can’t have a business or a brand that’s gonna stand out from the competition if you’re gonna be a pleaser; if you care overly much about what everybody thinks and you don’t want to push yourself, and you don’t want to get out there with a message that really stakes your claim. A message that is consistent everywhere potential clients might find you, including right here on video, and in all of the content that you write and all of your talks. It has to be seamless.

But more than that, it has to come from a deep enough place inside you that it really matters, that your messaging and everything you do is about being distinct because it’s who you are, and you’ve built a business based on that. That’s what I mean by repelling.

Not everybody’s gonna love it. Some are gonna be outright repelled and some of them could take you or leave you—maybe mostly leave you! I’m sure there’s a lot that aren’t warming to me, but it doesn’t matter to me and if that happens to you it doesn’t matter to you—it shouldn’t. Because the wonderful trick about this is that when you’re repelling a certain group (who aren’t a match by the way), you are attracting—even more—the ones who are.

As a client of mine used to say, then she didn’t have to worry about the riffraff! When she was really distinct with her messaging she was honing-in on those people who really connected with it. They’re the ones I like to call your true client—kind of like your true love only you get to have a lot of them!

So when you are owning that messaging, you’re owning what makes you different and saying, hello world, I don’t care you don’t like me. Then what you’re also doing is attracting the clients who are a fit, the ones who are a match, the true clients that you want to connect with.

So, let’s get out there and repel. 😉