Since I first saw you present on website About Pages at CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), I knew that I wanted to make this happen. Now it is done, posted, AND, a couple weeks later I got a booking because of it. Why can I say that? The client specifically referenced it. In particular the hook (“I am NOT a race fan.”) was a big thing for this client and it allowed me to carry the conversation from there. I know the About Page was a part of drawing this client in. I could not be more pleased. Thank YOU!

Bob Parker, CSP

The Pit Crew Challenge

Kathy has an innate sense to ask questions and hone-in deeply on important aspects while building trust easily. She had me drill really deep into my desires and bring forth what makes me special; this helped me gain clarity.

Kathy’s warmth and empathy made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed; the time spent with her turned out to be not only an insightful conversation and discussion.

I left with a deep sense of accomplishment and excitement – we had developed a strategy that morphed my deepest desires into my business and made my heart sing.

Beatrice Ten-Thye

Virtual Assistant

Well from all accounts you wowed the women at your breakfast talk.  Thank you so much for bringing your enthusiasm, energy and expertise to the group.

Anne Day

Founder and President, Company of Women

I have had the extreme pleasure of both watching and working with Kathy as a panel moderator. She has the rare talent of being interesting, energetic and fun, all the while asking thought-provoking questions and keeping the panelists and audience highly engaged. If you are looking for a panel moderator, then Kathy is it!

Liz Scott

Business Growth Guru & Co-Founder , Powerful Women Today Conference Affinity Coach

Kathy is AMAZING! In one hour with her, I zeroed in on my “It Factor,” something I’ve struggled to pinpoint for over a year. Through simple yet effective questions, she helped me think about the “It Factor” in a way I hadn’t before, which made it so much easier to recognize! 

With yet another simple but profound question, Kathy helped me create a foundation for the book I’m about to write that saved me from chasing my tail with the many ideas I’ve had circulating. I now have a metaphor and a way forward that gives me huge confidence in what I bring to the table that’s unique. 

Kathy’s openness, friendliness, genuine curiosity, and keen awareness of my energy level and what I was truly excited about kept me focused, leveraged my creativity, and helped me gain awesome clarity. I wouldn’t be where I am in my process without her, and I’m very grateful for the space she held for me. I’m super motivated to move forward!

Melissa Corley Carter

Teambuilding Catalyst, Life Design and Mindful Leadership Coach

Such a great video event. Thank you, Kathy for sharing your expertise. From that event where we were required to make a live video at the end of the day (even if we did not feel ready), I have now gone on to take action and create a video series where I have interviewed over 75 entrepreneurs and still growing. You just have to start, and Kathy gives you the foundation and the courage to do so!

Michele Maher

Michele Maher Designs

Kathy, Thanks so much for taking on the CAPS Toronto panel! You kick ass as an interviewer and panel moderator, and you’re an amazing collaborator! So glad we did this! Thank you!

Ron Tsang

Keynote and Workshop Speaker, Leadership Communication Expert Programming, CAPS Toronto Chapter

You hosted a fabulous, informative and productive video workshop. It was great learning from you!

Wendy Buchanan

Perceptions Eyewear

I had a great experience attending Kathy’s blogging workshop. The tools were very helpful particularly when we were asked a series of questions to come up with a great headline for a new post. It was certainly a method I haven’t thought of before. Kathy’s approach in sharing her knowledge with us made the work of coming up with a blog fun and entertaining. 

The interview segment was one of the most effective exercises for me. It was helpful having my voice recorded and listening to the play back. Who knew how easy it would be to “write” a blog if it was spoken in conversation! Thank you Kathy for this fantastic workshop!

Angela Ong

Design & Product Development Consultant

Thank you, thank you! You really had control of all the speakers and were able to tie in all of their thoughts from previous discussions and the onstage banter. The time just flew by. I don’t think anyone wanted the panel discussion to end!

Antonietta Tantalo

Chair of Professional Development, Meeting Planners International (MPI) Toronto Chapter Manager, Events & Employee Engagement, TD Bank

Interviewing people is never easy, but you would never know it from witnessing Kathy do her magic. She is without a doubt, one of the best interviewers I have ever seen; focused, engaged, pulling fascinating stories from her subject’s reluctant memory, pouncing on interesting asides and always pushing the conversation in unexpected directions. Amazing to behold.

Ian French

Co-founder, Northern Lights Direct Response; IF The Poet

Kathy created a space in my mind for ideas to be born. She is a great speaker and very funny! (I’m still chuckling over her story, “Don’t cry over chipped teeth.”) Kathy is able to convey not only her knowledge, but also her enthusiasm for her craft. I attend many events throughout the year and listen to many speakers … Kathy is one of the best.

Birgitte Melnick

CEO and Founder, InsideInfo Marketing


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