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“Video creates intimacy, a relationship, a powerful human-to-human connection.

    It’s just you and your viewer.


    Video also reveals who you are, and you need to be comfortable with that.


    Allow yourself to be seen —

    Connect emotionally with your viewer —

    Then, your unique presence shoots right through that lens and viewers feel it.



    The Result —

    • You attract more and more clients who are right for you.

    • You repel those who aren’t.


    No one else can do that on camera but you.

    My video services help you harness that power.”


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    Video Coaching

    Thank you, Kathy. I had never been on video before (or been coached live on a webinar!) and although I was very nervous to begin with, you put me at ease, and I enjoyed the experience. It was fun and I learnt a lot. For anybody looking for a video coach, Kathy is a superstar coach and can help you too!

    Edward Slimane

    Head of Sales, Articulate Marketing

    Kathy was an incredible mentor for my personal business.

    As a young entrepreneur, I was in need of guidance to best present myself online so I could gain traction, earn trust of clients, and display my personality in a professional manner (while staying true to my high energy and bubbly self).

    Kathy completely transformed my presence on camera by improving my confidence, expressing my professionalism and achievements, and seamlessly merging my personality with my professional ability.

    I would absolutely recommend Kathy to anyone who would like to boost their online presence and improve their video skills – you’ll be amazed at just how powerful small changes in your videos are for your business (and confidence!).

    Kenzie Osborne

    Corporate Wellness Coach @ rXRecourse|NNCP, Nutrition Coaching

    Become a Powerful, Client-Attracting Presence on Video

    (Short-Form Videos, About Page Story Videos, Intro/Brand Videos, Tip Videos, and more)

    By Mastering the 5 Essentials of Video Creation:


    1. Camera Presence: Allow your unique and compelling presence to radiate through the camera and draw viewers to you. Convey warmth, credibility, and professionalism while also showing your personality and staying true to yourself, your style, and your values.

    2. Emotional Connection with Viewers: Know your viewer is there. Put them first, speak to them, and show empathy. Show your quirks, flaws, and humour. Work with the intimacy of video (not against it) to build trust and make a human-to-human connection.

    3. Words and Scripting: Know basic video structure and the structure of certain types of business videos; how to choose your words; write content to be seen on video vs. content to be read; learn a script; and put it all together to create better videos faster.

    4. Presentation and Delivery: Use your voice, eye contact, facial expressions, body language, gestures, movement, and posture to capture and keep viewers’ attention. Move and speak with ease so they engage, keep watching, and remember your message.

    5. Your Set: Create an environment with your background, lighting, sound, and framing that reinforces your unique brand and enhances your presence rather than distracting from it. Ensure that your set also makes viewers feel welcome and engaged.

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    I truly enjoyed working with Kathy. She is a wonderful video coach and a great human being. She really dug deep and helped me unlock mental barriers to shooting videos for my business. She comes from a place of pure authenticity and teaches her clients to do the same . 100% – my #1 recommendation for video coaching!

    Renée Besson

    Professional Storytelling and Conversational Narration for YouTube Promos, Explainers, and Animation Videos

    But … Are You Ready to Create Videos?

    What makes you Distinct? Who are Your Viewers? What Are Your Topics? Where Will You Post?

    If you’re not sure how to answer one or more of these questions, then you’re not ready to create videos.

    Or you might create one video with my help but be unable to create more on your own, consistently.

    Get clarity with one (or all) of these 4 foundational trainings. Then you’ll be ready for 1:1 Private or Group Coaching.

    1. Brand Presence: Knowing what makes you (and your brand) distinct and owning it—even if not everyone gets it or likes it—is essential for creating a unique and compelling presence on camera.

    2. Your “True” Client: Knowing and understanding the client who’s right for you helps you make a genuine emotional connection with them on video—and attract other clients like them.

    3. Content Pillars: Defining your areas of expertise (that clients want help with, and you want to be known for) helps you create videos that clients want to watch and that build your thought leadership.

    4. Video Marketing Strategy Basics: Clarity on your video goals, the platforms your viewers are on, whether they know you or not and several other factors helps you create a plan so that your videos are seen by the right clients, on a regular basis.


    (NOTE: Add any of these foundational trainings to your Private 1:1 Coaching or Group Coaching package.)


    CONTACT ME and we’ll figure out your next steps.

    Need other help with your business videos?

    I’m always creating new trainings and one of them might be just what you’re looking for.


    Teaching business leaders and entrepreneurs how to create an irresistible brand presence in words and on video.

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