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Essential Tools for an Irresistible Presence on Video

(Full-day Workshop) 

For business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to deliver compelling and targeted messaging on video.

You know you need to be on video for your business. Like writing a book or speaking, it’s an essential way to attract clients, increase your clout, and stand out from the crowd. If you do it well. For the magic to happen you’ve got to look into the lens with confidence and deliver a genuine, compelling, and targeted message. Fortunately, that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

In this full-day, hands-on video workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to Relax and Be Yourself on Camera (with pro tips from media and television)
  • Essential Lighting and Sound (look like a pro in your home office or location videos)
  • Five Steps to an Irresistible Video Script (yes, you do need one!)

And of course, you’ll shoot video!

You’ll walk away with much more confidence and insight about being on camera; and you’ll understand how to create videos that will engage your preferred clients and start building lasting relationships with them.

Includes: Coaching during the workshop, and a step-by-step handout.

*Module 1: How to Relax and Be Yourself on Camera, and module 3: Five Steps to an Irresistible Video Script are also offered as 3-hour workshops. Essential Lighting and Sound is included in both.


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Thank you, Kathy. I had never been on video before (or been coached live on a webinar!) and although I was very nervous to begin with, you put me at ease, and I enjoyed the experience. It was fun and I learnt a lot. For anybody looking for a video coach, Kathy is a superstar coach and can help you too!

Edward Slimane

Director of Sales, Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.

How to Interview Someone on Video

(5-module program; includes 2 practice sessions with coaching and feedback)

For entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build their clout and Brand Presence by interviewing industry experts for their webinar, newsletter, or online TV show.

The best interviews feel like conversations, but they’re not conversations and that’s the secret to their allure. If you want to stand out in the crowded video landscape, you need to create interview experiences on video that your audience can’t resist.


In this 5-module program you’ll learn:

  • the secrets of professional interviewers, including the stages of an interview and how to choose, sequence, and ask questions.
  • How to be comfortable, compelling, and charismatic on video.
  • how to listen to and read your interviewee (especially what they’re not saying).
  • how to interview someone on video (including tech essentials; and how to draw the interviewee out and the audience in).

The program includes two practice interview sessions on video (for which you will create the line of questioning), including up to 90 minutes of rehearsal, coaching, and shooting; and 30 minutes of feedback per session.

You will walk away with increased on-camera composure and confidence; sample video interviews; essential lighting, audio, and background tips for shooting indoors or on location; and the knowledge you need to start conducting your own captivating video interviews!

Includes a variety of detailed handouts.


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Private Coaching

(one-on-one sessions)

Sometimes feeling comfortable and confident on video requires more than taking a course or a group program; it requires a coach who understands where you’re coming from, and who has a passion for video and the expertise required to get you in front of that camera lens. When that coach also makes it fun, you have the ingredients you need to conquer video! 

Our sessions are custom designed for you based on your requirements whether they be harnessing your natural charisma on camera (you do have it), scripting your videos, putting your DIY home studio together, or something else. 

Let’s get your compelling brand presence on video! Contact me here.

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Helping business owners create an irresistible brand presence in words and on video.

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