Imagine one of your very best friends. Someone you know really well.

Got a picture of them in your mind?

Think about what it’s like to hang out with them. When they show up, how does the atmosphere change? What does it feel like to have them there? What kind of a vibe do you get?

A feeling of peace? Endless possibility? Mischief?

That vibe, that presence is them. It could be no one else, and you feel it immediately.

You recognize it because they’ve been present in your life for a long time, maybe years, and you’ve seen each other in every kind of circumstance. You’ve gotten to know the nuances of their character not just by what they say, but by what they do. They are who they are, and you’ve developed an intimate, human-to-human connection with them. A relationship. That’s why you can immediately describe how the atmosphere changes when they show up.

That’s presence. And your brand presence as an entrepreneur, as a business leader is the vibe that clients get from you.

Elements of your brand presence

It comes from who you are and being true to that; and from how consistently and transparently you express who you are through your content, whether in person, in writing, or on video. Your presence also comes from how you show up for your clients, how you have their backs because you’re looking out for their best interests in everything you create for them.

There is an intimacy to your relationship with your clients that has been nurtured over time. You are genuine and they know it. You’ve shown it in your words and your actions. They know what to expect from you. They could describe the vibe they get from you in a couple of words.

Brand awareness

Client don’t get a sense of your presence when you advertise or post regularly on social media platforms or send an email blast. Those are essential activities because they build brand awareness, they let people know you’re out there, and help keep you top of mind. But brand awareness can never build the genuine, emotional connection that brand presence can.

That’s why developing and maintaining a genuine and consistent presence wherever your clients may find you, is so important for your business. When you know who you really are; when you own that; and you express it confidently and consistently, especially on video—in service to your clients—magic happens. You attract and build long-term relationships with the clients who are a fit, and more clients just like them keep showing up.

Your brand presence on video

In this blog we’ll talk about the essential elements of your brand presence including your deeper story, your voice, your distinction, and your message; the meaningful content that will attract and serve your true client (the one who’s a match for you); and, how to channel your presence in a compelling way on video—including how to see beyond the camera lens and connect with the person on the other side. And much more.


So, what’s your brand presence? How would your clients describe it? What makes you different from your competition and is that unique brand presence coming through—especially on video?

If you’re not sure and would like some help figuring it out, get in touch. Your brand presence is too important to the success of your business to leave it to chance.