What do you do when you make a mistake in your video? You know, when you’re delivering a line and you flub it. Well, number one, leave the camera rolling—on your phone or your laptop —don’t stop the video. You don’t want to mess with the flow that you’ve got going right now.

Number two, if it’s a long sentence or a long section that you just keep flubbing, stop completely (while the camera’s rolling) and take a few deep breaths, get yourself centered (think of something that makes you smile), get relaxed, and just deliver the line again. The reason for this is that later when you’re editing—and you’re going to have to snip out that part that you’ve flubbed—you’re going to have a smooth transition from what you said before to the new section. That way you don’t end up with a jump cut—where the transition is really abrupt.

Number three, if it’s only a word then just repeat the word, don’t get yourself in a knot over it.

Here’s the biggest tip with video: If you make it an issue to the audience, it’s an issue; if you don’t, it isn’t. They’re not even gonna notice. So, keep the camera rolling and redo that whole long section if you’ve done it incorrectly. If it’s just a word, then say it correctly and carry on. It’s not the end of the world.

Nobody’s perfect and nobody expects you to be perfect. They wouldn’t warm to you if you were, so be a human being and —have fun with video!