Most people don’t think that they have the charisma to do a video, to be on camera. They’ll say,

I’m not some sort of actor; I’m not one of those people you see on stage that really knows how to work the room; I can’t stare at that goofball lens and make something out of that! I just don’t have charisma. Some people do. You know, they walk in the room and, oh my god, everybody’s looking at them! Those are the people—you can see them, they’re obvious. I don’t have it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you do have charisma, and if you don’t have all of the three things I’m going to talk about (well, you do) you just need to develop them.

Number one is you want to be comfortable in your own skin. That means you’re comfortable sitting there, you’re feeling grounded, you’re feeling like yourself, so do everything you can to make that happen. Wear something that makes you feel like you, like your brand, how you feel most comfortable. Think about the background, think about the environment you’re sitting in, the lighting—all that is going to make you really comfortable in being who you are, in putting that across on camera.

Number two is being enthusiastic and passionate about whatever it is you’re sharing in your video. Passion, enthusiasm—that lights all of us up when we get talking about something that we are absolutely 300 per cent interested in and love. We just light up the room.

Number three is something else I’m sure you have, and that is a desire to help, a desire to help that audience that’s watching you; to inspire them, to give them information that can change the way they look at their lives, that can help them implement something to create a positive difference. You are outward focused; you are focused on the person who’s watching your video. You’re not focused on yourself.

To repeat:

#1: You are comfortable in your own skin and when you are, your sense of humor is going to come out and you’re just going to be lit up!

#2: You’re talking about something that you are passionate about, that you are very enthusiastic about. That’s going to light you up.

#3: Your focus is outward; it’s on that audience, the people that are watching you. It’s focused on your desire, in your heart and soul, in your gut, to help those people in whatever way it is that you are geared to do; in the way that you do it.

So, you’ve got charisma, right?